Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against the disease Mortality and morbidity due to breast cancer

Breast cancer is the generality ordinary cancer among women worldwide and accounts for sixteen percent of every feminine cancers. An estimated 519 000 the number of female who died in 2004 of breast cancer. Although we consider this disease as an infection of the improved places, a greater part sixty-nine percent of all deaths from breast cancer occur in improving places (2004,Global Burden of Disease WHO ).

Incidence charge differs widely around the world, the age-standardized rate reaching ninety-nine points per 100000 in South America, North America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and West Asia have higher incidence of moderate, other than these are progressive. Incidence charge are the lowest recorded in the majority African countries, other than the incidence rates of breast cancer are increasing.

Survival rates for breast cancer vary widely from one country to another, ranging from eighty percent otherwise more in Sweden, Japan and North America to nearly sixty percent in middle-earning countries, and less than forty in tiny-earnings countries (2008, Coleman et al). The little endurance rate in fewer improved places can be Stated mostly by the deficiency of faster discovery programs, As a result in a eminent ratio of female with advanced infection, the same as the absence of facilities for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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