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Brain Tumors

The brain is one of three component parts of the brain, the most voluminous, most complex, the seat of intellectual faculties. The brain is located above the cerebellum, separated from it by the tent (one of the three meninges, the dura mater, interposed between the cerebrum and cerebellum). It is composed of left and right hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum. The brain is the part of the nervous system contained within the skull, it includes the brain, the cerebellum and the brain stem (upper segment of the spinal cord). This body supervises the entire organization.

The term disinhibition, used by Robert Bing, disinhibition in English, used in neurology (medical specialty on the central and peripheral nervous system) to refer to the release of the psychic centers and lower motor located below the cerebral cortex. This term also applies to centers to automatically regulate various body functions and control of higher psychic centers after the decisions the cerebral cortex. Disinhibition causes movement disorders and disorders of the tone that we find in the pyramidal syndrome and others.
The term cortical (Latin cortex, corticis: bark, cortical in English) means everything on the cortex. Thus we speak of cortical region of the brain.
The term cortectomy (Latin cortex: envelope and ektomê: ablation, cortectomy in English) is the resection of part of the cerebral cortex.
The transient global amnesia is the result, among other things, a breach of the hippocampus.
In Alzheimer's disease there is a breach of the hippocampus.
The syndrome is a neurological deficient due to the occurrence of a gap within the brain. This set of symptoms (syndrome) is the result of an ischemic stroke is small ie less than 2 cm.In other words incomplete syndrome occurs as a result of insufficient blood supply (decreased blood flow) in the brain known as ischemia, which is part of a stroke.The lesion in lacunar syndrome is very limited, it is the reason why only one neurological symptom appears, it is hemiplegia (paralysis of half the body). The motor deficit of a half of the body is sometimes accompanied by a hemi that is to say a sensory deficit of a half of the body (the patient does not receive anything in a half of his body).Incomplete treatment of the syndrome is essentially preventive. It is necessary to reduce risk factors that include, among others, high blood pressure and consumption of substances that may have a deleterious effect on the brain and especially on the movement of it (tobacco, toxic, consumption excessive body fat etc.)..The prognosis of lacunar syndrome is usually favorable. Indeed, there is an improvement in a few months. However in case of occurrence of many gaps neurological disorders tend to persist and then settle down to cause a condition known as incomplete and that associates a pseudobulbar affect. The syndrome is characterized by pseudobulbar affect the larynx and pharynx which is the result of a lesion of both pyramidal tracts. Walking in small steps is the intellectual disturbances are usually present also.
Brain tumors are either benign or malignant. It is necessary to distinguish primary tumors, developing from cells of the brain and secondary tumors that correspond to cancerous tumors such as metastatic (from another cancer).
1) Primary tumors of the brain that we do not know the exact cause and corresponding to 60% of primary tumors are gliomas, which are formed from glial cells (essentially acting as a support for neurons). Gliomas are either benign or malignant. The meningliomes sit in the meninges are membranes that cover and protect the nervous system. This variety of tumors is also quite frequent but still mild.
The symptoms are earlier and the evolution is faster when it comes to a malignant tumor. These symptoms are (not exhaustive):

Neurological deficits such as aphasia (speech impairment), localized paralysis, epilepsy, intracranial hypertension resulting in occurrence of headache that is to say, headache, impairment of mental function and vomiting among others.
Thanks to medical imaging is to tell the brain scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it is possible to determine the precise seat of the tumor and possibly provide additional information in concerning its nature. Accurate diagnosis of the tumor (histology: cellular composition of the tumor) is obtained after brain biopsy.
Treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor with guidance by a three-dimensional tracking is called stereotactic tracking. Radiation therapy is sometimes used as well.
2) The secondary tumors of the brain are cells from another cancer located in another location (metastases from multiple tumors). This may include, among others, a lung cancer or breast cancer.The symptoms are identical to those appearing after a brain tumor, but their evolution is faster.The diagnosis of secondary tumors of the brain uses medical imaging techniques that can possibly highlight brain damage and sometimes the primary cancer.

The treatment is the primary cancer provided that it is highlighted.Radiotherapy of the brain is most often used as therapy.The human brain consists of three brains, which are connected, it includes:

The reptilian brain structures whose phylogenetically (during the evolution of species) are the oldest. This is essentially the bulk of the brain stem and particularly the cross-linked (with a role in vigilance) and the basal ganglia (involved in motor control). The basal ganglia are called the basal ganglia by the Anglo-Saxon. The peculiarity of the reptilian brain is its wealth of opiate receptors and opioid some have called endogenous morphine (endogenous morphine). More specifically, this pep-tide (protein strand)-agonist morphine, opiates or opioid peptides. These proteins are composed of amino acids produced by the brain and have the ability to bind to cell receptors of certain brain structures morphine. This results in a sedative for the pain he can compare to that of morphine. These substances are the enkephalins and endorphins. The second type of material encountered within the reptilian brain is the dopamine whose role is essential to protect the species (feeding, defense) and control the behavior needed for basic needs.
Paleomammalian the brain or the second brain, called the mammalian brain, surrounding the former in the manner of a ring or if you prefer a limbus hence the name of the limbic system. It is located on the inside of the cerebral hemispheres. The limbic system is principally involved in the regulation of behavior and instinct. It also plays a role in regard to emotions and memory.
Neomammalien the brain is located above the reptilian brain and limbic and spreads through the cerebral hemispheres, which is covered with a mantle: the cerebral cortex. The role of this part of the brain is to manage the information coming from the environment. The brain also adapts neomammalien actions and to deploy cognitive functions (language, anticipation, planning, humanization etc.).

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Sugar for diabetes, how to reduce sugar levels for diabetics

Reduce your sugar levels of diabetes while learning to control your diabetes is essential to maintain a normal healthy lifestyle, it is indeed possible to live in better health after realizing that you have diabetes with proper care.

First of all when it comes to diabetes, you must first accept that you have a disease and the need to improve self-care no longer put off dealing with your health.

sugar diabetes tiqueQuand there is any additional physical activity, it is highly recommended to always ask your primary care physician. Never avoid your doctor that diabetes is something you want to face head on if you are told to lose weight it will help control your blood sugar.

A balanced diet and exercise is essential and walking is the number one choice when it comes to healthy activity for a diabetic.

Why walking is the best action you can take if you have diabetes?

how to reduce sugar levels to keep you diabetes tiquesPour blood flowing, improve your strength and to have healthy bones all help maintain a healthy life for a diabetic. Take your time to first walk around at first, then increases as the weeks go by.

When it comes to remember that walking a steady pace is not only great for your heart it will really help you burn more calories. Losing weight and getting blood to flow through your legs and feet is a great thing. However, if you're not going outside, perhaps because of weather problems that you have other activities that can be done in the comfort of your home.

You can get one of these treadmill or in training facilities at home and do some walking 20 minutes every day in your own home. When you exit, you can park further away from the location and walk to and from your destination. Even without any machine, you sugar for diabetes - how to reduce the sugar to diabetes  tiquespouvez position to walk while watching television.

With a plan, you will need to maintain levels of blood sugar and even lose extra weight. You will also need to have a diabetic diet list showing the types and amounts of foods that are good for you to maintain. By changing your eating habits you will improve and you lower the level of sugar diabetes and stay healthy too.

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Hair vitamin

What a hair vitamin to take to a rapid growth of hair?

There are some methods you can use to grow long hair. Those who have been proven by science to grow hair long & strong hair vitamins are. But what are the best for hair growth?

In this editorial I will share some with you & I hope you know what are the best hair vitamins for you.

A lovely vitamin will have all the minerals & vitamins needed to grow long hair.
hair vitamin to take to a fast growth of hair?

 The best vitamin for lovely hair prenatal pills, it contains all the minerals & vitamins needed for hair you need to grow a long mane. Studies have braids that grow stronger & faster with prenatal pills.

You need a vitamin that has lots of biotin in it, a lovely mix for biotin is 1500-2500 milligrams per day Biotin promotes cell growth, production of fatty acids, metabolism of fats & amino acids.

What attractive hair vitamins & anti fall cheveuxAssurez you take amino acids. Amino acids are not vitamins, but they are concentrated forms of protein you need to grow long hair. The hair is made of keratin & keratin growth when you have an plentiful supply of protein in your diet. So receive a lovely amino acids to help you create a healthy long mane.

Another mineral hair it would be lovely MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). MSM is a nutrient that provides sulfur, which is an important manufacturer of the joints of the skin, the keratin of the nails & other methyl groups in the body. You will find in most vitamin hair products MSM MSM has been shown to prolong the anagen phase of growth in your mane you need to grow your tresses quickly.

Another mineral hair it would be lovely zinc & selenium, both of which permit the mane to grow stronger, thicker & longer & you will keep your hair natural color
cheveuxUne lovely hair vitamin vitamin would Ashwagandha is another name for Indian ginseng. Indian ginseng will boost your immune system, allowing your hair to grow healthy & longer. The ideal dosage is 400 mg Ashwagandha.

Another lovely vitamin is vitamin E, which can & ought to be taken both internally & externally. Vitamin E helps your hair grow faster & healthy. Apply it also as an oil for hair & also use the oil version as well.

To grow long hair to make use of as a vitamin outside oil Mira "Mira oil ', it contains herbs, minerals & vitamins that are proven to stimulate blood flow, the oil also acts as a conditioner depth as well as a mask & dampen your scalp & be healthy.


Breathing problem - How to treat common respiratory

Asthma breathing problems are the most complained about problems in the past decade. Asthma breathing problem is due to the lack of sufficient oxygen. Lack of oxygen absorbed in the lungs makes the lungs crave more oxygen than usual triggers most respiratory problems.

Respiratory problems

can be avoided if appropriate measures are taken in the initial phase of the problem. As you breathe your body requires not only oxygen but also a certain amount of carbon dioxide, which makes the balance between hyperventilation and the lack of sufficient oxygen.
Respiratory problem
When you breathe in enough quantities of carbon dioxide so it will not be a problem at all. When you get this balance you have is difficulty breathing. You begin to feel tightness around the chest, which can be aggravated by the feeling of the thick air.

So keep it simple to breathe properly and that your position respiratoires'asseoir problem or sleep is essential to strike a balance. The important thing about breathing problems is that you should not panic because when you panic, it can trigger a chain reaction that may make the situation even worse.

There are no reports on mortality due to asthma, if you have absolutely no reason to panic. All you have to do is to follow the prescription given by your doctor. Do a little exercise will do much good for your health and respiratory problems. The usual practice has been recommended for patients with asthma is that of breathing exercise, as you have to remember How to deal with respiratory problems communevotre breath for a while until it gets really uncomfortable.

Begin this exercise continuously until you realize the effects. You get more than what you are doing this breathing exercise more regularly and correctly. You will not see the effect in a week, but in a month. The exercise will make you feel stronger and

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Head Pain

Natural Treatment head pain left side

The natural treatment of headache on the left side is already halfway to a good choice with a homeopathic treatment. Why? Because your symptoms are unique and personal way to make a good selection. In determining that it is a headache on the left, rather than just a headache, shows that you are already capable of that. To make a good selection of homeopathic medicine means that you must see all the subtle and not so subtle signs that will make your table symptomatic headaches.

left side head pain treatment Sepia Homeopathic medicine has generally left headache, especially on the left eye. This means that most of your symptoms seem to occur on your left - headaches, skin disorders, muscular complaints, etc.

Sepia is also a strong hormonal drugs, so that your headaches may get worse before or during menstruation, pregnancy, puberty, menopause or from a miscarriage or an abortion. Headaches can be as terrible shock. It is often worse after physical exertion or mental. Eating well can improve to some extent.

Symptoms other headaches can be a shooting or burning pain not just over your left eye, but on top of your head or on the sides alternating in the back of your head. Nausea and / or vomiting may accompany these types of headaches. Sometimes you may have jaundice (yellowing of the skin) with a headache. And often, your hair falls out in clumps after a headache or menopause.

In general, your headache will be worse in the afternoon, the improvement (on its own initiative) in the evening. If you take medication against pain, it will change your physical symptoms, so they can not be as clear to prescribe on. You do not like the cold, which can intensify the headache.

Natural Treatment head pain left side
Sepia people can be very irritable, even angry, especially in the company, even with the family. Loneliness is preferred. You can see that homeopathic treatment can not be for the timid. It takes some skill and detailed observation. But armed with a desire to find in yourself, you should have no trouble working on the best natural treatment for a headache on the left side.

Bladder Infection

Pain Bladder Infection Home Remedies - burning and pain relief

A bladder infection (cystitis) can leave you feeling miserable, but with appropriate measures, you can control the symptoms of a bladder infection with complications is not sustainable. This article from the steps you should take when you suspect a bladder infection bladder infections and medicines that can be found in the house, you can use to reduce the burning and discomfort associated with infection.

Home Remedies - Bladder Infection

Pain vessieUne bladder inflammation usually results in burning urination and symptoms. Other more frequent and urgent, including the possible presence of blood in the urine, low fever, and / or pain in the abdomen or lower back. The bladder infections are more common in women than men.

The infection can result due to bacteria entering the urinary system from the outside (sexual intercourse, or after a bowel movement). The risk of infection can be lowered by proper hygiene, cotton underwear and other related solutions easy to be exposed in a moment.

If the symptoms above are noticed one person should consult their physician to determine the type of infection and whether there are conditions that present complicated. The doctor may perform a physical examination, including urinalysis, or a cystoscopy (using a scope to look inside the bladder) to formulate a proper diagnosis.
Pain Bladder Infection Home Remedies
After receiving a correct diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and medicines to the next house may provide some relief of symptoms:

Hot baths may relieve discomfort
Women may find that pour warm water over genitals while urinating can help relieve pain
Drink extra glasses of water is highly recommended and helps to eliminate bacteria in the bladder
Empty your bladder when you feel like it. Do not you remember, because it can allow bacteria to multiply
Quit, especially if you are prone to recurrent urinary tract infections. Smoking can irritate the lining of the urinary tract.
Dress and wear loose clothing and cotton underwear.

Gall Bladder

Gall bladder pain - tips to reduce the pain of gall bladder

It is supposed that the gallbladder hurt is so harsh that the patient often feel that he suffers from a heart attack. To decrease the pain, the only instant medicine is antibiotics course, but on a long-standing patients should control his diet. When there is an infection in this organ, the digestive progression is unnatural. The gallstones are fashioned as a result of lumps of cholesterol cause severe pain.

Initially, the patient feels a pain in the abdomen, followed by severe nausea and vomiting. Some people also have a sharp pain in the gallbladder douleurregion the diaphragm immediately after they eat a big meal of fatty foods. When it becomes chronic, the patient has severe pain near the ribs and lower back. This is followed by diarrhea, abdominal bloating and a high fever is sometimes jaundice develops.

simply when the patient fixes his eating habits and start eating foods that help the manufacture of rage can be long-standing relief. It is often found in food such as meat and butter, milk,  cheese, etc., are the major culprits that exaggerate the trouble. The animal food have high level of cholesterol and when people consume them daily, cholesterol increase in the body.

tips to reduce the pain of gall biliaireNettoyant gallbladder is also an effective medicine and that it helps reduce the hurt radically. This is probable by counting liquid food such as juices and soups. lime juice, Apple juice,  vinegar, apple cider, etc.. any help in this progression because they have property to flush out fatty deposits in the gallbladder. A diet wealthy in monounsaturated food is also a huge assist. This can be included in gall bladder pain - tips to reduce the pain of gall biliairel'alimentation by the consumption of olive oil, cod liver oil, flax, etc.

To decrease the incidence and happening of these attacks, and find an effective clarification to the trouble of lasting pain gall bladder, a good quality eating routine is the only treat. clean fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, wheat germ, etc.. Should all be incorporated in the every day diet.

Gall Bladder Symptoms

Gall bladder pain symptoms - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Gallbladder is a small pear-shaped sac under the liver. This body eight inches long can be divided into three parts, namely the bottom, the body and neck. It acts as a reservoir for bile produced by the liver which is expelled into the duodenum to digest fats in the body. When these mechanisms are flooded bile, they form gallstones. When these gallstones are unable to dissolve and crystallize, they become stones. With the passage of time, these stones are extended and when the gallbladder tries to push them out with their movement causes intense pain. At this point, the pain is severe, see your doctor is important otherwise it can become life threatening.

Douleur Symptoms gall bladder pain in the gallbladder

Most people ignore the real problems of indigestion. Indigestion is one of the key symptoms that indicate something is wrong with your gallbladder. The symptoms of pain in the gallbladder are common to other problems of disarray indigestion. As a result, the symptoms you are looking for may be linked to diseases of other organs as well. The symptoms of this disease are many, but it is not necessary that all symptoms should be felt. This may be one of them or can be more than one or all of them. The symptoms are:






Pain in the upper right abdomen (most common symptom)

Persistent gas



Headaches just above the right eye

Acidic fluids occurs after meals

Gall bladder pain symptom symptoms in women are two times more than men because of two female hormones progesterone and estrogen. More pronounced in females symptoms include fever, yellow skin, vomiting and diarrhea. For pregnant women the possibility of pain in the gall bladder is higher than other women for two reasons, it is the hormones mentioned above and the other is the increased production of bile. Since women often have complaints of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and is usually related to pregnancy, then the possibility of indigestion may still be there.

Gallbladder attack include pain under the ribs or upper right abdomen, vomiting and signs may start showing immediately after a meal that lasts from minutes to several hours if not treated in time.


Treatment of pain includes gallbladder surgery, healthy eating and drugs.

Summary Gallbladder pain symptoms - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Pain in the gall bladder is caused by dietetic foods and fried. 70-80% of people have gallstones in their gallbladder but are silent and cause no problem for the individual. The severity of pain in women from men and pregnant women is the same, but their symptoms can vary a bit, but the odds increase with each type respectively. The best way to avoid this disease is to avoid providing the correct diet and eat half of stomach.

Bladder Infection

Bladder pain - Drugs bladder infection

Bladder infections are treated with antibacterial drugs and drug selection and duration of treatment depends on the patient's past medical history and results of urine analysis, which clearly identifies the bacteria that cause the problems. The sensitivity test is also useful in helping the doctor select the best medication for the disease.

Some of the drugs commonly used to treat urinary tract infections are uncomplicated regular or trimethoprim, trimethoprim / sulfamethoxazole, amoxicillin, nitrofurantoin and ampicillin. All these bladder pain femmemédicaments are sold under various brands in the market and are only available on prescription from a physician. Self-medication is not recommended.

Very often, bladder infections can be cured in 2-3 days of treatment if the infection is not too severe or complicated. However, most doctors advise that these antibiotics are taken for a week or two to ensure that the infection was completely healed so that there is no chance to reproduce. However, single-dose treatments may be suggested for some patients who show signs of kidney infection or who have delayed treatment by not taking immediate action. People with diabetes or structural abnormalities, and men with prostrate infections, are also cautioned against a single dose of treatment. These patients need longer treatment, as do patients with infections caused by mycoplasma or chlamydia.
Drugs infection vessieles chronic kidney infections should be hospitalized until they can begin taking fluids and medications recommended by their own means. Kidney infections generally require several weeks of antibiotic treatment. Medical researchers have found that a 2-week therapy with antibiotics was as effective as 6 weeks of treatment with the same drug in women with kidney infections (which did not involve an obstruction or nervous system disorder ). In most cases, kidney infections are generally not trained to kidney damage or failure unless you go completely treated.

Various medications are available to provide relief of pain associated with bladder infections. A heating pad and a hot bath can usually provide some relief. Most doctors suggest that drinking lots of water helps cleanse the urinary tract bacteria, and that coffee, alcohol and spicy is best avoided during illness

Neck Pain

Neck Pain: Fast relief neck pain Feldenkrais

Most people have experienced pain in the neck. Regrettably for some, neck pain occurs regularly. As the neck is a complex structure, chronic neck pain may result from muscle issues, bone, respiratory, digestive, nervous issues. Pathology in the neck can also generate chronic headaches, the most common issues can be treated. These include:

Relieving neck pain * Muscle twitching and muscle fatigue neck is of the most common causes of neck pain.
* As president extended sitting posture and couch bed can generate stress in the neck.
* jaw clenching and teeth grinding can be felt as tightness chronic neck pain.
* Arthritis involves the degenerative changes of the backbone causing inflammation in the neck.
* Spinal stenosis is caused by degenerative changes that affect the spinal canal by moving the neck causes pain, numbness or weakness in the neck, arms or hands.
* Spinal disc disease include degenerative changes in the discs of the neck that can affect the nerves of the neck, shoulders and arms.

For relief of chronic pain in the neck ought to be aware that neck pain is not prevented by strengthening the neck muscles and pain relief fast cervicalel'A©tirement of the backbone with traction. It is the stability of the neck than the strength or flexibility of the neck that protects the neck against sinful, and therapy for the stability is different from strength training.

Is not it lovely to have a system of therapy that may relieve your pain and stabilize your whole neck from hour a week? The Feldenkrais System can show you how to get rid of neck pain for nice, without drugs, surgical procedure or machines. Feldenkrais has been used to treat hundreds of people suffering from neck pain, the goals of neck pain relief rapidetraitement is to relieve your pain and prevent your neck from getting hurt again.

The Feldenkrais System makes use of simple, gentle movements to reorganize posture, flexibility, strength and coordination. And in doing so creates an surroundings where you can cure chronic pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder blade pain: pain relief Solutions shoulder

Here are some of the most common questions posted by people who are looking for pain relief of the scapula:

What causes pain in the shoulder blade?

The most common cause of shoulder pain is trauma, overuse or misuse of the area of ​​the shoulder can lead to pain in the shoulder blade pain Solutionstendons, also known as tendonitis. Tendons are tissues that connect muscles to bones. When the tendons become painful, the sliding motion of your tendon becomes impaired - resulting in pain.

What drugs are the most common and the methods that I can do to get rid of the pain of shoulder blade?

The anti-inflammatory drugs as "NSAIDs" are the most common prescription for shoulder pain. Doctors have also given injections of corticosteroids in patients suffering from painful shoulder and sensitive, because the pain is caused by inflammation. To add, physical therapy is also recommended for patients with chronic pain of shoulder. The types of activities recommended in the treatment depend on patient tolerance. More patient tolerance during treatment of pain, the more he or she is in achieving total pain relief shoulder blade.

Y is there any other means, other drugs that can relieve my pain?

Yes, there are simple and highly effective steps you can do to get relief from shoulder pain. First, you need to understand that rest is necessary for your tendons to heal properly. Second, avoid heavy lifting while you're still recovering from the pain. To help relieve the pain, you can put ice packs on the painful area. Just one caution: Do not let ice packs over 25 minutes on the skin to prevent burns. In addition, stretching the shoulders is recommended in achieving pain relief shoulder.


Causes, symptoms and treatment of menopause

Menopause is a term that means "stopping rules". The average age of onset of menopause varies from country to country, eating habits and habits (smoking for example). In Europe it occurs around the age of 50 years, but menopause may occur early, before age 40. This decision rules is the loss of reproductive function by loss of ovarian follicles and by altering the secretion of the ovaries. Ovarian secretions are collapsed (estrogen and progesterone), pituitary hormones do not undergo more than the brake re-reading these secretions. There is then a rise in FSH (follicle stimulating hormone ovarian) and LH (luteinizing hormone), which explains the signs that all women with menopause describe.

Thus, you experience various events: changes in your mood, you are tired and lack of energy or energy around you think you become difficult to live. You report as hot flashes and night sweats (summer and winter) triggered by stress, emotion. Your skin becomes dry and that sexual problems are added: decreased desire (libido) and pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) that are not made to fix things. The menstrual cycle disorders are not to be outdone, the crash is rare, but the cycles become irregular, often your cycle is longer, sometimes it is accompanied by appearance of bleeding between periods (metrorrhagia).

The diagnosis is confirmed in a blood test with determination of sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and androgen sometimes) and their leader pituitary (FSH, LH).

Your Menopause deserves medical care by an endocrinologist or gynecologist menopause because this has a rich evolution complications if no replacement therapy is initiated.

Complications are mainly related to estrogen deficiency, you may describe urinary responsible for cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence can also occur as well as vulvar and vaginal disorders (dry vaginal and vulvar) making it more difficult and responsible for your sex vaginal infection.

The cardiovascular, menopause exposes you to cardiovascular disease for which you were spared due to the secretion of estrogen from the ovary, now because of the lack of secretion of this hormone, you do not factor protective and you catch people suffering from these heart conditions: hypertension, myocardial infarction. These diseases are attributable to the deposition of lipids (fats) in the arteries of your body. But the most worrisome complications remain Osteoporosis is a bone fragility that puts you at the femoral neck fractures.

The therapeutic management of the menopause involves a comprehensive assessment (ECG, mammography, breast ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, Pap smear, blood test with study of coagulation, bone densitometry x-ray) before starting any hormone therapy, because the hormone treatment requires careful medical supervision throughout treatment.

These hormones are in the form of tablets, suppositories, creams, spray (spray), gel, transdermal (patch). Recent data speak of phytoestrogens are not hormones but have a role in the treatment of hot flashes, cholesterol, blood glucose, protection vis-à-vis the cancer and prevent osteoporosis. These phytoestrogens are food supplements of plant origin, the most used are the isoflavones found in soybeans. Time will tell if these phytoestrogens will change the future of women entering this phase of menopause.


Thrombosis, phlebitis, embolism: what are your risks?

Phlebitis and embolism are serious conditions and two relatively common but little known. The origin of these phenomena: thrombosis, a blood clot blocking an artery. How occurrence of such accidents? Can we reduce the risk? 

When clots form in a superficial vein, the management is simple. By cons, if it is a deep vein (phlebitis), it is urgent. The clot (thrombus known) risk, standing out, causing sudden occlusion of a blood vessel is embolism, most commonly the lungs. Hence the importance of knowing the risk factors of this disease.

ThromboseSi you have a deep pain in the calf, accentuated when you lift your foot, you have to think phlebitis. A quick consultation with your doctor, if necessary followed by an ultrasound will rule out (or confirm) the hypothesis.

Signs of pulmonary embolism are often misleading and may delay the time of consultation: pain in the chest, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing and coughing. In other cases, the symptoms are much more important: shortness of breath even at rest, sharp chest pain, cyanosis. In any case, it is urgent to immediately call their doctor or the emergency services and ensure timely care.
The capital, the main risk factor

Besides the famous economy class syndrome that has a lot of talk, any complete immobilization leads to stagnation of blood in the veins, and therefore a risk of thrombus formation if the situation continues.

Also, do not be surprised if in the event of prolonged bed rest or immobilization in a cast, your doctor prescribes daily injections of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH, see a list). These anticoagulants can thin the blood and thus avoid the risk of thrombosis.

At the hospital stays for a debilitating disease can lead to thrombosis: cardiovascular disease (heart failure) and cancer (especially if there are metastases). The most risky situations are orthopedic surgery, gynecological, cardiac and neurological. Physicians and caregivers should pay special attention to the risk of thromboembolism said.
Other acquired risk factors

Age, obesity, pregnancy and puerperium, a significant venous disease (varicose veins and many old), contraceptive estrogen or a history of thrombosis should also urge caution.

People with any of these risk factors must be vigilant. Feel free to wear compression stockings and walk around every 2 hours. If you have multiple risk factors, treatment with heparin may be prescribed by your doctor preventively.

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Breast cancer

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against the disease Introduction

Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women both in developed and developing countries. The incidence of breast cancer increasing in the developing world due to a longer life expectancy, increasing urbanization and the adoption of Western lifestyles.

Although some risk reduction can be achieved by prevention, such strategies do not eliminate the majority of breast cancers that occur in countries with low and middle income where the disease is diagnosed at stages well advanced. Therefore, early detection to improve the outcome of the disease and survival is the main way to fight against breast cancer.

Recommended strategies for early detection in countries with low and middle income is the recognition of early signs and symptoms, and screening by clinical breast examination in pilot areas. Mammography screening is very expensive and is only recommended in countries with good medical facilities that have the means to develop a long-term program.

Many countries with low and middle income who are facing the double burden of cervical cancer of the uterus and breast cancer need to implement interventions are a cost / effective and affordable to address these diseases that can be easily prevented.

WHO is promoting the fight against breast cancer as part of national fight against cancer and advocates its integration in the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and the fight against these diseases. With the support of the Komen Foundation, the WHO is currently, and for five years, a study on the cost / effectiveness of screening for breast cancer in 10 countries with low and middle income.

The project includes a tool for assessing the cost of programs to determine whether they are affordable. It is hoped that the results of this project will provide evidence that will design appropriate policies to fight against breast cancer in less developed countries.

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against the disease Mortality and morbidity due to breast cancer

Breast cancer is the generality ordinary cancer among women worldwide and accounts for sixteen percent of every feminine cancers. An estimated 519 000 the number of female who died in 2004 of breast cancer. Although we consider this disease as an infection of the improved places, a greater part sixty-nine percent of all deaths from breast cancer occur in improving places (2004,Global Burden of Disease WHO ).

Incidence charge differs widely around the world, the age-standardized rate reaching ninety-nine points per 100000 in South America, North America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and West Asia have higher incidence of moderate, other than these are progressive. Incidence charge are the lowest recorded in the majority African countries, other than the incidence rates of breast cancer are increasing.

Survival rates for breast cancer vary widely from one country to another, ranging from eighty percent otherwise more in Sweden, Japan and North America to nearly sixty percent in middle-earning countries, and less than forty in tiny-earnings countries (2008, Coleman et al). The little endurance rate in fewer improved places can be Stated mostly by the deficiency of faster discovery programs, As a result in a eminent ratio of female with advanced infection, the same as the absence of facilities for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Breast cancer: Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against the disease Risk factors for breast cancer

Relatives the past of breast cancer enhancement the danger by a reason of or. Some mutations, those of BRCA1, BRCA2 & p53, lead to a high risk of breast cancer. But, these conversion are uncommon & represent only a tiny part of the general disease burden & mortality from breast cancer.

Several danger causes for breast cancer have been clearly demonstrated. However, for most females with breast cancer, it is impossible to identify specific risk factors (2009, Lacey et al, 2008, IARC, ).

The achievement of several conversion danger causes - excepting factors related to reproduction - to the general burden of morbidity & mortality from breast cancer was assessed by (2005, Danaei et al.). The authors concluded that twenty-one percent of all deaths from breast cancer in the world can be attributed to alcohol consumption, fat & obesity, & lack of exercise.

Generative factors related by extended expression to intrinsic estrogen, as like early puberty, late menopause or a late first pregnancy are between the factors largely imperative danger of breast cancer. Exogenous hormones also cause a privileged threat of breast cancer. Females using oral contraceptives or hormone substitute treatment & are at advanced threat than females who do not use them. (IARC, 2008, Lacey et al., 2009) Breastfeeding has a protective effect.

The distinction in the incidence of breast cancer between improved & improving countries can be partly explained by the effects of diet associated with a first pregnancy later, a smaller number of kids, & a period of breastfeeding shorter (2001, Peto). The growing trend towards the acceptance of westerly lifestyles in clime with low & middle income is an significant definitive of the increased incidence of breast cancer in these clime.

This percentage was advanced in high earnings countries twenty seven percent & the risk factor was the most significant fat & obesity. In countries with low & middle income, the amount of breast cancers can be attributed to these risk factors was eighteen percent, & lack of exercise was the most important determinant ten percent.

Breast cancer: Prevention and Fight against

Breast cancer: prevention and fight against the disease Fight against breast cancer

The public awareness to the issue of breast cancer & the method to fight against it while promoting policies & programs appropriate: this is the main strategy against cancer based on population. Lots of low-income or middle income are now faced with the twice weight of breast cancer & cancer of the uterus that are highly deadly in ladies more than thirty years. These countries need to equipment mutual technique that meet these public health issues effectively & economically.

WHO advocates to fight against breast cancer as part of comprehensive fight against cancer at the national level that are integrated in the fight against noncommunicable diseases in general & other related issues. For completeness, the means to fight against cancer ought to include prevention, early detection, diagnosis & treatment, rehabilitation & palliative care.

The fight against some risk factors for breast cancer in which it is feasible to act & an useful possessing forbearance of NCDs support healthy eating, exercise & the fight against alcohol consumption, fat & obesity could have an ascendancy & reduce the occurrence of breast cancer over time.
Early detection

While a number of risk decrease can be achieved through prevention strategies in that can help eliminate the sizable greater part of breast cancers that occur in low-income or middle income. Consequently, early recognition to improve the result of the disease & survival is the main way to fight against breast cancer.

There's methods for early detection:

A screening program is much more complex to implement a program of early diagnosis (WHO, 2007).

early diagnosis and recognition of early syndrome and signs in people with signs to simplify diagnosis and treatment at an early stage, and
Screening is the systematical execution of a check in a population usually asymptomatic. It destination to find personality with an unnaturalness meaningful of cancer.

Early diagnosis remains an important strategy for the disease in early stages, in low-income countries and middle-income where the diseases are usually diagnosed at advanced stages and where resources are limited. Some facts shows that such a strategy can lead to a "decline" of the disease at stages that are more likely to reply to healing treatment (that is to say, the increase in the proportion of cancers detected in early) (Yip et al., 2008).


Regardless of the process used for early detection, the achievement of early detection in the population is chiefly based on cautious preparation and a well-prearranged and endurable is the right group of people and be sure organization, stability and the quality of interventions for the period of delicacy. Targeting the incorrect age collection, for example more youthful females with breast cancer risk is lower, could lead to a subordinate percentage of breast cancers detected every female veiled and, consequently, alleviate the charge / efficiency. In besides, the targeting of more youthful females would guide to a deeper analysis of benign, causing unnecessary overhead of health services due to the apply of additional resources for screening (2008, Yip et al)

Early diagnosis.

Mammography is the simply viewing process for tangible results. It reduces mortality from breast cancer by twenty to thirty percent in females over 50 years of lofty-earnings countries where the detection rate is above seventy percent (IARC, 2008). Screening mammography is complex and requires significant resources, and no investigate has been conducted on its effectiveness in countries where resources are limited.

Self-examination (BSE)

There is no fact of the result of program during self-test (BSE). However, it was found that the exercise of self-examination, or palpation of the breasts allows females to take responsibility and take charge of theirs himself happiness. Consequently, self-examination is recommended to educate females in danger than as a screening process.


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