Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My ally thin

Guru of the form in Hawaii, Suzanne Deason advocates a new mind-body dialogue to lose weight permanently. His winning strategy? Pilates, to connect to itself, tone, sculpt your body, seek inner calm to relieve stress other than eating. Express more than a method, a global discipline of lifePilates, my new slim 4-point strategy
"Everyone knows that to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you spend,"
Suzanne Deason surprised, certified Pilates teacher in Hawaii. His childhood was surrounded by the regimes that his mother and grandmother followed throughout their lives. They grew thin and regained weight. Very young, so she sought another more effective way to maintain his ideal weight! Pilates has met its expectations. In his DVD "Lose weight with Pilates" designed around a program to lose weight, Suzanne Deason helps us lose weight naturally: "Pilates connects us with our natural ability to lead a balanced life and achieve your goals. " Demo 4 points.

1. Reconnecting mind / body

MinceurSon Pilates Pilates craze is based on the benefits of this method to renew a link body / mind often broken. Hence, our disordered and our uncontrolled weight gain, which end in relation to the body under the yoke of the balance and calories. "It is more about restoring a relationship with him embarking on a challenge, and constraints generating additional stress," says Suzanne Deason. The practice of Pilates can first connect to their real needs, one that takes you listen a little more healthy lifestyle. It is then possible to detach from the outside world, to release stress and relieve tension, other than eating. "Being connected to self, you feel more responsible for their welfare," says our expert.

2. Body toning

Gymnastics founded in 1920 by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is based on a set of strength training movements very soft (nothing to do with weight training) on ​​machines (called Cadillac, reformer) or accessories (ball, magic circle). In its popular form it is practiced on the ground, on a carpet. "The work focuses on the muscles" deep "that surround the spine, and tone the abdominal muscles," said Suzanne Deason. "To turn your body you need from within" says our expert thinness. A slimming, a comprehensive action needs to, alternately, all muscle groups, sometimes in unusual combinations is a complete workout from head to toe. If the stars swear by Pilates, there are good reasons. By focusing on these so-called postural muscles and the abdominal muscles, this practice gives a toned body, slender, and a small flat tummy.

3. Targeting inner calm with breathing

Add the breath, "you win in inner calm and confidence that help you take the first steps towards a healthier life" Suzanne Deason provides. The practice of Pilates connects the mind and body through breathing, and helps calm the nervous system. Rather than rush you a chocolate bar at the slightest stress, calm fill up on the mast (Pilates mat). A simple sequence of exercises connected with breathing can help you create an inner awareness of your true needs. Breathe rather than nibble it works!

4. Choose a discipline, a method to express

Pilates is a method of weight loss express, this practice helps you become conscious of your physical and emotional needs, gradually. "A good diet can lose weight in the short term, but to initiate a long-term transformation of your lifestyle, you must include a discipline that balances the body and mind" insists Suzanne Deason. There are no secrets, only a regular and healthy eating will give you the results you expect. "We can start with 10 mins a day is enough!" Our certified expert. It is even recommended. The attitude step by step, or slow weight loss is super trendy!

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